Patient Rights and Responsibilities, Privacy Policy + HIPAA

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights:

  1. Quality Care: You have the right to receive high-quality pediatric urgent care that meets or exceeds established standards.

  2. Respect and Dignity: You have the right to be treated with respect, dignity, and consideration regardless of your age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

  3. Privacy: Your medical information is confidential. We will only disclose it as required by law or with your explicit consent.

  4. Informed Consent: You have the right to be fully informed about your medical condition, proposed treatment, and any potential risks or alternatives before consenting to any procedures.

  5. Choice of Providers: You have the right to choose your healthcare provider and actively participate in decisions about your care.

Patient Responsibilities:

  1. Honesty: Provide accurate and complete information about your health, including medical history, medications, and any other relevant details.

  2. Adherence to Instructions: Follow the treatment plan and medical advice prescribed by your healthcare provider.

  3. Respect for Others: Treat our staff, providers, and fellow patients with respect and courtesy.

  4. Communication: Inform us about any changes in your contact information or insurance coverage promptly.

  5. Timeliness: Arrive on time for appointments and notify us in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

We collect and maintain your personal health information to provide you with quality healthcare services. This information may include:

  • Personal and demographic details
  • Medical history and records
  • Insurance information

How We Use Your Information:

Your information is used for:

  • Treatment
  • Payment
  • Healthcare operations
  • With your consent or as required by law

Security Measures:

We employ strict security measures to safeguard your information, including:

  • Secure electronic systems
  • Limited access to authorized personnel
  • Regular audits and reviews

Patient Access to Information:

You have the right to:

  • Access your medical records
  • Request corrections to inaccuracies
  • Receive an accounting of disclosures

Complaints and Concerns:

If you have concerns about your privacy rights or believe your rights have been violated, please contact our Privacy Officer.


Contact Information

  • For any questions or concerns regarding your rights, responsibilities, privacy, or HIPAA compliance, please contact:

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